Mâm cơm gia đình

Fried “Nem” Prawn & Pork 120.000
Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls 80.000
Mini pancakes w / seafood 140.000
Beef wrapped Betel leaves 1500.000
Fried “Nem” Crab Rolls 220.000


Stewed pork belly with hard-boiled egg 150.000
Stewed chicken fillet with fresh ginger 150.000
Fried chicken fillet with fish sauce 150.000
Sauteed chicken fillet lemongrass and chili 150.000
Vietnamese shaking “luc lac” beef 160.000
Beef sauteed lemongrass and chilli 160.000
Stewed caramelized howling fish 150.000
Braised tiger prawns & pork belly 190.000
Crispy fried fish cakes with dill 140.000
Char-grilled Eggplant w/green onion and shiitake mushroom 100.000
Stewed tofu with mushrooms 100.000
Vegetarian Meat lemongrass and chilli 100.000
Mận-Đỏ’s Grilled platter (Chicken fillet lemon leaves, Pork ribs, vegetables skewers, Tiger Prawn chilli & salt) 450.000
Meat Lovers Platter (Aus Steak, Chicken fillet chilli special sauce, Italian Sausage, Mixed Salad) 480.000
Beef heel muscle dipped in boiling vinegar 280.000


Dill and featherback fish ball soup 160.000
Salmon w/ sour young bamboo soup 220.000
Gourd and prawn soup 140.000
Seaweed and soft tofu soup 140.000


Fried Rice seafood 180.000
Fried Rice w/vegetable 100.000
Fried Rice w/garlic 80.000
Vermicelli sauteed beef 150.000
Vermicelli sauteed Crab 160.000
Vermicelli sauteed w/ vegetable 120.000


Salmon Hotpot with sour young bamboo shot 480.000
Vinegar hotpot  w/ heel beef muscle 280.000
Paddy crab hotpot w/ beef heel muscle 400.000
Cow Tail hotpot w/ 18 medicinal herbs and vegetables 590.000
Add-on beef muscle (250gr) 220.000

Paddy crab hotpot  w/ beef heel muscle

Red Pomelo crab meat salad 160.000
Red Pomelo prawn salad 195.000
Dalat spinach salad 100.000
Tofu special chili sauce 100.000
Grilled chicken fillet w/ lemon leaves 220.000
Mongolia grilled Pork ribs, wedge potato 270.000
Aus Steak , French fries 380.000
The Meat Grilled Platter
Italian sausage / Aus. Steak / Chicken fillet w/ chili sauce/ Carbage Salad

The Meat Grilled Platter

Grilled tiger prawn w/salt and chilli 180.000
Baby squids stir-fried w/fish sauce | tamarind sauce 220.000
Soft Shell Crab w/ Salted egg sauce 395.000
Soft Shell Crab w/ Salted egg sauce (ea) 300.000
Mận-Đỏ Grilled Platter
Grilled tiger prawn w/salt and chili sauce/ Pork Ribs w/Mongolia Style/ Chicken fillet w/ lemon leaves/ Vegetable skewers

Shark fin Scallop 350.000
Shark fin Sea Cucumber 600.000
Shark fin Abalone 600.000
Black chicken w/ 18 herbs 150.000
Cow tail w/ 18 herbs 250.000

FUSION DISHES - MÓN FUSION ÂUVietnamese Cusine Set Mon tiec Lẩu bầu nấu cua Cá phi lê nướng Món đặc biệt

Sweet Porridge 40.000
Passion fruit custard 45.000
Crème caramel 45.000
Three flavors of homemade ice cream & fresh fruits 95.000
Affogato – coffee & ice cream 75.000
Fried banana + ice cream 60.000

Tráng miệng