That is a type of banquet inspired from Western countries. Buffet is a style of service often known and held at most corporations. What is so special about this type of food service?

What is a buffet meal at a party or banquet?

A buffet is a type of meal service where guests of the party are free to move around the party hall and for most part, guests serve themselves food and drinks whenever they want. Guests will turn around the food and beverage tables to pick up plates, food and beverage. Most of the time they stay up and don’t sit at all. The main purpose of this type of banquet is to promote networking and connection among guests.

Buffet meal service for corporate events in Ho Chi Minh City

What are the reasons to choose a buffet for events?

Corporations like to hold a buffet when launching a new product, fundraising event, merging or signing new projects, etc. For private events, buffet meals will be chosen for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, class reunions, etc.

The reason for choosing this type of meal is first to promote networking since it provides a great opportunity for guests to mingle while serving themselves. Besides, buffet meals have more variety, since it will not be restricted to a limited number of preselected meals.  Also guests don’t need to pre-order so there will be less stress on the host side. As long as there is enough variety, guests should be able to find something they like. And of course, the cost could be also effective, since it doesn’t require as many servers as sit-down meals.

Buffet meal service for corporate events in Ho Chi Minh City

Notes when inviting in a buffet party

When you are the one invited to a buffet, what should you do? Refer to the following advice:

  • When entering the party, pay attention and take a look around the hall to determine where the food, the dining, the speech, and the host are.
  • Besides, it is also important to observe how the food area is divided into (for example, appetizer counter, main food counter, fruit counter and drink counter, etc.)
  • Once you already see the way that all areas in the party are divided, you may go to see the host and interact with other guests. 
  • After some conversation exchanges you can head to the food counter. Please make sure to get the food in the correct order: Entree, soup, salad, entercourse, main course, dessert, beverage.
  • You should not jostle, queue if there are many people at the same counter. For dishes that you are not familiar with, you may ask the waiters or other guests nearby for advice . 
  • You may dress formally but also need to be comfortable because at the buffet you will have to move a lot to interact with other guests.
Buffet meal service for corporate events in Ho Chi Minh City

Notes when host a buffet party

In order for a hosted buffet party to be successful, you need to note:

  • Plan the party in advance and send out invitations to the guests.
  • Need to prepare a script for running the party, specifically the schedule of the party.
  • The host will have a speech to inform the purpose of the party that occurred and inform the schedule of the night or the day.
  • It is important to have the hall setup as of the host script, should be convenient and smooth for moving around.
  • The plating of the food tray should be formal and nice.
  • Prepare always more silverwares than the number of guests.
  • Naming the areas to differentiate different areas is required if the party hall is large.

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Buffet meal service for corporate events in Ho Chi Minh City