There are a lot of options for places where you can celebrate your baby’s birthday.

The most prominent option would be restaurants that can provide a full service with a diversified menu, decoration, and private space.

Places to celebrate your baby's birthday in District 1

Baby birthday party venue

Parents need to determine the time, place, venue, decoration idea, and most importantly the appropriate budget. Choosing a restaurant early for a birthday party will help the party to be thoughtful and decent.

Places to celebrate your baby's birthday in District 1

Guest list

Making a guest list has never been that easy. One of the ways to help busy parents to not miss any guest invitations is to divide the guest list into specific groups, for example, family on the maternal side, family on the paternal side, parent company, neighbor, child’s camarade, etc.

If you want to choose an amazing invitation card for your dear guests, we can tailor it according to the theme of the party.

Places to celebrate your baby's birthday in District 1

The decoration theme for baby’s birthday

One of the most important things that is often overlooked is the topic – parents want to dedicate their whole heart to their children to help realizing their dreams or their hobbies. There is nothing more surprising, more fun when the children are transformed into superheroes or little princesses in a suitable ambience.

The decorative theme will be one of the most important differences to recognize between a boy’s and girl’s birthday. For a boy’s birthday, the colors or designs are mostly playful, and strong, such as cars, animals, footballs, animals, etc. As for the girl’s birthday, it will often lean towards the lovely, innocent, cute, and bright color trend.

Places to celebrate your baby's birthday in District 1

With each theme, there will usually be a backdrop area for guests to take pictures, a table for gifts decorated with baby photos, cakes and cute “tone sour tone” decorative accessories.

Talking more about choosing a theme, there will be a lot of choices: For example, some decorative themes such as monochromatic tones, multi-color combinations, cartoon characters that kids will like such as floral themes. This is the part that makes it difficult for parents to choose because there are so many designs and images online today.

Places to celebrate your baby's birthday in District 1

Baby birthday party provided service 

Two days before the birthday party, you have to contact to see if the preparation for your party is on track. Review the to-do-checklist with the restaurant again and remind them to create the best conditions for other providers to come. 

Choosing the right menu is essential, adult guests have a need to enjoy, exchange and connect emotionally while children have a higher need for fun, for cakes and activities. The menu suitable for children should be easy to eat, easy to swallow. You need to pay attention to these things to choose the right menu, and combine between adult guests and children.