The celebration of longevity is the celebration of the elderly who have a long life from 60 or more years old. This is a party held by children and grandchildren for grandparents and parents, to show gratitude. And according to the concept of grandparents, the longer parents live, the more children and grandchildren can be cared for and shown filial piety.

Since ancient times, the celebration of longevity has always been maintained and has become a beautiful custom of the Asian people including Vietnamese. It shows filial piety of children to grandparents and parents. The longevity celebration celebrated on the grandparent’s birthday is an opportunity for children and grandchildren to gather and get closer to each other. At the same time, it also makes grandparents and parents happy and touched because of the filial piety of their children. We see that the birthday celebration is a very important event. The organization of a successful ceremony should pay attention to the following issues.

Restaurants holding longevity celebration party in District 1, HCMC

Traditional organization

The traditional ceremony from ancient times is still preserved and organized in some regions. However, they omitted some complicated rituals that were not suitable for the times, and replaced them with simple ones that still retain the traditional features.

On the day of the birthday, the eldest daughter and son-in-law will prepare a table to bring back to the grandparents’ house to celebrate the long life with the family. The ancestral altar must be cleaned and decorated to carry gifts from the children.

The reception day of guests is the next day. On this day, the ancestors’ worship occurs according to the old rites. Usually, the birthday party will be held at home, but recently some families choose to hold it in restaurants, hotels  for convenience.

Restaurants holding longevity celebration party in District 1, HCMC

Dual celebration: Longevity and merits of career life

This is the type of celebration of longevity combined with the celebration of a long life career. For example “happy 80 years old and 30 years of journalism”. The double celebration longevity ritual serves two purposes, both wishing life longevity and reviving the merits of their career life. This birthday celebration is often organized by their corporation. There will be speeches of feelings and thanks from guests.

Career merits conference 

This birthday celebration is usually reserved for elderly over 80 years old with high titles and merits in the nation. The ceremony was organized by officials, and decorated solemnly and sophisticatedly. The form of organization is in the form of a conference, introducing the life and merits of the person on the day of their birthday.

Restaurants holding longevity celebration party in District 1, HCMC

Things to prepare for the longevity birthday celebration

Plan the place and time

Choose a time to celebrate the longevity celebration, usually this celebration is held on the elder’s birthday. You can also choose the date that is most convenient for your family and guests to organize. Regarding the venue, it is usually at home or a large restaurant, or a hotel with a large banquet hall. Depending on the financial conditions of each host, you choose the venue to make the guests and relatives most comfortable.

Make a guest list

Guests are an integral part of a birthday party. The guest list is very important, you need to consider carefully when writing invitations. Usually the guests are close relatives, and close friends of the person being celebrated.

Send invitations to guests

You should send invitations a week in advance to allow guests to arrange time to attend. One day before the holiday, you can call to ask or remind guests of the time and place to celebrate the birthday.

Prepare a table for the celebrated elder

This table is the place where the elder is seated for the children to come, to present their wishes and offer their gifts. The table is decorated solemnly and has a picture of the calligraphy of the word “longevity”. Depending on the venue, the table will be arranged at the most appropriate place in the venue.

Restaurants holding longevity celebration party in District 1, HCMC

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