One of the timeless best dishes of France is the “Foie Gras”. In Ho Chi Minh City alone, there are plenty of restaurants that serve foie gras. But which restaurants have the most delicious foie gras?

Untold story of foie gras

Best Foie Gras Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

The root of foie gras can be traced to ancient times when the Egyptians discovered the secret behind this gourmet food. To prepare themselves for the cold of winter climate, the migratory birds store the access to calories in their liver and skins. And the results are extra tasty birds with exceptionally large livers. After many influences in history, in the French Renaissance, the French redefined the art of the Foie Gras tradition. Foie gras is the liver of a goose or duck. It is well-known as a delicacy dish in French cuisine because the process of gavage becomes sophisticated and requires highly skilled chefs to elevate this dish to the new heights. The Foie Gras became the hallmark of haute cuisine and its consumption spread among royal courts and aristocratic tables. From Egyptian ancient times to the restaurant of today, Foie Gras has endured as the symbol of indulgence and timeless luxury in French Cuisine.

Usually duck, chicken or goose liver will be thick, dry and not fragrant. But foie gras is different. After being cooked, the foie gras is not only rich in flavor, velvety soft, buttery and delicate, but also melts as soon as it is in your mouth.

The most common way to prepare chilled foie gras is to pan seared, or prepare it as mousse, parfait or pâté. Although each preparation method is different, the flavor is rich and especially nutritious.

Best Foie Gras Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

Besides the delicious and buttery taste, what is the reason that makes foie gras become one of the luxury and expensive dishes that not everyone can afford? Foie gras contains very high levels of monounsaturated fat, which is a type of fat that is good for the body. And helps fight inflammation, and effectively reduces the risk of heart disease. Besides, foie gras also provides the body with abundant calories, meeting the body’s requirements for activity. Nutrition experts have determined that goose liver helps improve vision problems and strengthens all cells inside the body.

How to prepare pan seared foie gras 

After being removed from the goose’s body, the liver is cut into pieces or left whole and deep frozen to maintain the freshness of the liver. Then, when you need to prepare it, just defrost the frozen foie gras and season it with pepper and salt. Leave the liver pieces for 5-10 minutes to absorb the spices, then sear it in a non-stick pan with no added grease on each side until slightly colored. When exposed to high temperatures, the liver will melt the fat layer. 

Best Foie Gras Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

How to serve foie gras

There are many different ways to serve goose liver depending on each person’s taste and preferences. But there are two most popular ways to eat it: pan seared foie gras with sauce, vegetables and bread and foie gras pâté served with bread.

For those who like the original taste of foie gras, feel the rich and instant-melting flavor, they must try pan seared foie gras. For those who are not familiar with the taste of buttery liver, you can try foie gras as pâté.

The best bread to serve with foie gras is thick bread. When preparing, toast both sides of the bread to dry it out but still keep the softness on the inside. Only then combined with foie gras will bring out its full deliciousness.

The sauces that pairs well with foie gras are balsamic reduction sauce, the sweetened applesauce, strawberry sauce, fig confit, and apricot puree. You can notice that most of them have a sweet and sour taste. 

Maison Mận-Đỏ, the restaurant for delicious foie gras

You need to enjoy foie gras of good quality. The quality here is assessed by the origin of the foie gras as well as the process of transportation and storage so that the freshness of the liver must be kept at its best level.

Besides ensuring the main ingredients supply, the accompaniment ingredients and sauces also add a special touch of the finished dish.

So which restaurant serves delicious foie gras with good quality ingredients?

Best Foie Gras Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are looking for a place to experience this famous foie gras dish, try out Maison Mận-Đỏ restaurant. They have different dishes of foie gras that could be served in starters such as the classic Foie Gras Applesauce. Or it could be served as a main course such as the Foie Gras with Black Pepper Sauce. This last dish is serve with steamed rice and seare Japanese Scallops. Both dishes are culinary excellence at Maison Mận-Đỏ Restaurant.