You are looking to refer to the birthday, 1st birthday menu for your baby. Whether having a party at home or at a restaurant, you can use the same menu. Here are suggestions from Maison Mận-Đỏ restaurant for baby’s birthday and 1st birthday menu.

Birthday menu and 1st Birthday may differ much from the menu of other parties. Many people think that for organizing a party, all menus are the same. This is also the right way to think, but if you want to make the party stand out. Choose a menu that matches the theme from the party’s meaning to its taste and color.
As in the Northern custom, the anniversary of a death we used to have sticky rice with beans, whereas for wedding there is only sticky rice or Gâc fruit sticky rice. In the South, a must have a death anniversary is “bánh ít” cake. For wedding a bigger treat than the engagement ceremony should be prepared. So, each kind of party has different meanings, the difference is reflected in the menu, decoration, and sophistication of the ceremony.
Therefore, a baby’s birthday, and 1st birthday must have a gentle but mischievous style. From the decorated colors to the menu, the more detail it shows, the more attentive the parents are to the guests.

Birthday and 1st Birthday Menu for baby

Appetizers for your baby’s birthday, 1st birthday party

The appetizer is the first dish to enhance the taste buds to enjoy a more delicious main course. Appetizers are served at the beginning of the party, 10 to 15 minutes before the main course.
Appetizers are usually made from a vegetable or fruit ingredient, with a mild flavor. The appetizer with a sour taste is popular with many people, because it awakens the taste, making the main dish much better to enjoy. So, in Vietnam, the dishes chosen to make appetizers are usually salad dishes. Because of the characteristics of the mixed taste sauce. Vietnamese salad often has five flavors: sour, spicy, salty, sweet, bitter. Each flavor is a gently blends into a plentiful taste for more sensitive palate. Depending on the taste of each person, people can adjust the taste of their own by adding or reducing the acidity accordingly.
In addition to salad, you can choose seasonal appetizers. In summer, cool dishes made from vegetables are suggested. In winter you can make choice between hot soup or appetizer cakes.
At Maison Mận-Đỏ restaurant, there are appetizers you can refer to, e.g., Squid papaya salad, red pomelo and prawn salad, shiitake mushroom spinach salad, pork and shrimp lotus salad, banana blossom and chicken salad. The soup for the cold day such as pumpkin soup, spinach soup, chicken velouté cream soup, mushroom soup, abalone soup, shark fin soup. The kinds of cakes or snacks such as “Xèo” cake, seafood mini pancake “bánh khọt”, beef wrapped in betel leaves, spring rolls with shrimp and meat. In addition, you can change with some western-style salads, fresh spring rolls, all salads and fresh vegetable are suitable for summer appetizers.Appetizers for your baby's birthday, 1st birthday party

Main dishes for birthday party, 1st birthday for baby

The main course of the party usually has from 1 to 3 dishes, if you choose the Asian service style. If you want a simple menu and save time, you should invest in one perfect main course with American service style. If you need more sophistication, choose from 2 to 3 main courses. Of course, you can be demanding for perfection for each dish, as long as you can estimate the guests’ appetite. Having excess food in your party is good in Asian culture, but be careful not to mistaken when choosing a dish.
Appetizers enhance the taste buds, and main dish is inheriting from the appetizer taste. When the appetizer is tasted, the first main course is much more appreciate. You can adjust the ration of the dish appropriately. There are two ways to make the ration of the main dish: descending or ascending order.
The gradual reduction method will help the next dishes to be less satiated and avoid excess food. Progressive ways like playing a stimulating game and the last dish are your strategic dish, to ensure that the guests have just enough. There should be no residue and no shortage.
In the main course, the majority of dish is made of protein, from meat or fish. The last main course is usually a high-starch one. A varied ingredients menu is the right and great choice.Main dishes for birthday party, 1st birthday for baby.

Some main dishes at Maison Mận-Đỏ restaurant we would like to introduce for your reference

  • The main course high in protein such as:
    The Mận-Đỏ Grilled Platter (grilled ribs with five spices, grilled shrimp with chili and salt, grilled chicken with lemon leaves and skewered vegetables),
    The Meat Grilled Platter (Italian sausage, chicken chilli sauce, Aus. Steak with pepper sauce),
    The Soft shell with salted egg sauce,
    The roasted soft-shell crab with garlic and salt,
    The roasted squid with tamarind sauce,
    The crab with Singapore chilli sauce,
    The four-style chicken platter,
    The grilled salmon roll with dill and bacon,
    The grilled seabass roll with dill and bacon.
  •  The dishes that take up a lot of essential starch such as:
    The crab stir-fried vermicelli,
    The seafood crispy noodles,
    The seafood fried rice,
    The seafood Spaghetti with “gấc” sauce,
    The spaghetti with chicken lemon leaves,
  • A hot pot dish in Vietnamese party culture is indispensable, Mận-Đỏ hotpot dishes such as:
    The braised beef tail hotpot,
    The famous crab paddle with heel muscle beef hotpot,
    The salmon hotpot with sour bamboo shoots,
    The prime abalone seafood hot pot,
    The crab and giant prawn with gourd hotpot,
    The herbal style with goat hotpot.


A sweet taste like dessert for the end of the party is necessary. The light and fragrant dessert will help guests relax and continue talking to each other. The sweetness of the dessert lessens the greasiness of the main course, making the palate happier.

Desserts are often chosen according to the season, or by matching the party menu. If seasonal, you can choose desserts such as tea, cakes for the cold winter, or choose fruit, ice cream, and jelly for the summer.

Also depending on the menu, you should choose the appropriate dessert. For example, the menu is Western style, the dessert will be consequently. For example, the menu for a party is seafood, you should use fragrant desserts that remove the smell of the sea taste. If the menu has a lot of meat, choose a low-carb or sour desserts to reduce the dryness. Caramel flan above are some suggestions for choosing a birthday menu, 1st baby birthday. We hope this article will be of help to you when celebrating baby birthday parties.Dessert

In addition, if you want to book a 1st birthday party, or a birthday party, you can refer to Maison Mận-Đỏ Restaurant to reserve a party. Customers wishing to book a party at home please also contact us for more information about this service.