Known as the most delicious and expensive meat in the world, what is special about Japanese Wagyu A5? Where should you taste this beef ? Which restaurants serve dishes made from Japanese Wagyu A5?

The restaurant serving dishes made from Japanese Wagyu A5

What is the Japanese Wagyu A5?

Japanese “gyu” beef “Wa” or Japanese Wagyu is the world famous beef. Their marbling levels are graded from A1 to A5. And A5 is considered the highest grade, and each kilogram of purebred Japanese Wagyu A5 may cost around 4-9 million VND. In return, purebred Japanese Wagyu beef is ultimately the most delicious type of beef in the world.

The difference between regular commercial beef and Wagyu beef is that the thin lines of fat are distributed uniformly throughout the flesh of Wagyu. This is thanks to the unique Japanese cattle breeds. When standard cows are bred, the body will form a layer of fat covering the muscle layer, while in purebred Japanese cows (Wagyu), the fat cells are uniform across their muscles and yield quality marbling fat texture. Wagyu Cattle is strictly regulated and traced to ensure the quality of the beef. Each cow is identified with a unique 10-digit ID. 

The restaurant serving dishes made from Japanese Wagyu A5

Because of their marbling texture of fat and muscles, Wagyu meat is pinker, more delicate, more flavourful and is such a soft cut of meat that can melt in the mouth. Besides, Japanese Wagyu beef is healthier than regular commercial beef. It provides fat and has the lowest cholesterol level of all meat, including fish or chicken. It is high in protein and iron.

In addition, the fact that these Japanese cows are raised with special care and attention also contribute to their most delicious quality of meat. Japanese Wagyu cattles are raised in a low-stress environment, having lots of space with cool temperature in their enclosures, regular massages, listening to classical music, and feed with grain and grass. 

The restaurant serving dishes made from Japanese Wagyu A5

How should A5 Wagyu beef be prepared?

The best marble score of Japanese Wagyu is Wagyu A5, which means it has the best color and marbled texture. These premium cuts of beef come in a variety of preparation methods from traditional Japanese to contemporary Western cooking. Usually, people prefer to eat medium rare to maintain the softness and the fat of the beef. Because if you overcook the meat, the meat may lose the marbling, which is the soul of Wagyu beef. Different cuts of Wagyu A5 are better suited for different cooking methods, but you can try these different methods:

  • Grilling or searing Wagyu like a Steak (Ribeye or Striploin)
  • Japanese Yakiniku Beef Cuts: Cut the beef in slices, season them and grill 3-5 seconds of grilling.
  • Slices and eat in hotpot (Shabu Shabu)
  • Wagyu Beef Sous-vide cooking in French cuisine 
  • Sautéed Wagyu Beef with vegetable in Chinese Cuisine
  • Eat Japanese Wagyu Tartare with raw egg yolk 
  • Grilling the Wagyu on a cedar plank

For each preparation method, you need to learn, prepare and execute correctly because you do not want to waste each piece of this premium beef.

The restaurant serving dishes made from Japanese Wagyu A5

Maison Mận-Đỏ, the restaurant that serves dishes made of Japanese Wagyu A5

And if you don’t want to waste time looking for a place that sells purebred and real quality Japanese Wagyu A5 and overall you are not sure how to make it full of flavor, Maison Mận-Đỏ Restaurant is the perfect place for you to try. With many years of experience, the talented chefs of the restaurant will definitely make the dish an absolute treat for your visit.

Regarding the quality of Wagyu beef supply, you can be completely assured because the restaurant uses purebred Japanese Wagyu A5 beef (MBS 8/9) for their dishes. They always ensure the supply quality from trusted importers with proper preservation procedures.

The restaurant serving dishes made from Japanese Wagyu A5

The seared Wagyu Beef A5 at the restaurant can be ordered in the Alacarte Menu as a main dish and will be served with a bowl of Wagyu Fried Rice. Besides that, this premium luxury dish is also served in the Privilege Set Dinner of 5 courses.

This extensive indulgence dining experience of this “Executive 5 courses Set Dinner” are made with all the premium quality ingredients, such as Abalone, Japanese Scallops, Patagonian Toothfish, and A5 Wagyu Beef. And the whole set for a modest price of less than 2 million vnd per person.